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Inclusive We enhances organizational culture to make difference engaged and valued

Our Values

Cultivating Community

We foster environments for individuals to connect more deeply.

Equitable Experiences

We commit to supporting the unique needs of the organizations that we serve.

Life-Long Learning

We strive to grow and develop each and every day.

What We Do

Our Values
What We Do
Exploring Diversity
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Social Identity:

How Do I Show Up

In this interactive and engaging experience, explore your social identities and engage in open discussion designed to foster a better understanding of how you show up.

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My Guiding Light

Join us in this inspiring and reflective workshop to discover what values are central to you and explore how those values inform the communities you engage with.

Examining Competency
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The Link Between Diversity & Inclusion: Intercultural Competence

Using the only theory-based, developmental assessment of intercultural competence, gain in-depth insights on how you and your organization engage cultural differences.

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Maximize your potential by partnering with our licensed team to engage in thought-provoking, goal-centered conversations about engaging difference more effectively.

Enhancing Inclusion
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Inclusive Programming

Want to enhance the experience of your attendees and create more welcoming programs? Come learn and apply the Inclusive We Reflective Framework for Inclusive Programming.

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Implicit Bias

and Recruitment

In this reflective experience, enhance your processes and structures for potential new members of your organization by focusing on implicit biases.

Who We Are

Who We Are


Our team has extensive experience supporting and cultivating inclusive spaces in diverse communities: We have taught in K-12 classrooms using restorative practices and served as university instructors working with residence staff to create inclusive communities. We have developed leadership education for fraternity and sorority communities and facilitated sessions across disciplines to assist individuals and organizations more effectively engage across differences as licensed users of the Intercultural Development Inventory. 

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